Fri, 02 Mar 2012 03:46:48 GMT | By Chris Aaron
HYS: Bahrain scores 10 goals too many?

Fair or foul? What did you make of the Bahrain-Indonesia World Cup Asian qualifier result?

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At first glance, you might imagine that there's nothing out of the ordinary with a 10-goal result from a match between Bahrain and Indonesia; they could have just been that much better on the night against a much poorer Indonesian side.

Taking a second, closer look might change that perception a little.


Bahrain we're competing for final qualification spots in the World Cup 2014 Asian zone qualifier against rivals Qatar. All they needed was to score 9-goals against Indonesia, for Qatar to lose their match against Iran, and they'd be through to qualify.

By some fortune, the Bahraini squad managed to score a staggering 10 goals against Indonesia. Perfect. Or a little too perfect? FIFA seems to think so.

Indonesia is no pushover in Asian football. To go down by that many goals against any other team that hasn't won a World Cup has to come at some surprise; hence the FIFA inquisition.

To add to Bahrain's misery, FIFA probe aside, Qatar didn't lose their match against Iran and celebrated their way into qualification with a draw, leaving Bahrain with no chance of qualification now.

It's hard to say what exactly happened here. The obvious point two possibilities; The initial one being that Bahrain was that much better on the day; the second revolving around some foul play.

You can't deny the potential in that Bahrain could have 'leveraged' their way into winning that match by throwing a wad of cash in the opposition's way. We could be wrong, but we're sensing foul play.

So for a bit of Friday footy banter, we're posing the question to you.

What do you think happened? Fair or foul? Did Bahrain buy that result? Or was it pure skill and determination that won them the match?


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