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Fri, 27 Jan 2012 04:24:01 GMT | By Chris Aaron
New Year’s resolution: ‘I want to start running’

Bare necessity 7: Make it fun, challenge yourself

New Year's Resolution: I want to start running (© Stck Xchng)
  • New Year's Resolution: I want to start running (© Stck Xchng)
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On your first days out, there's a good chance that you'll end up bored just 10 minutes into your run. It's quite normal to feel that way, it's quite a boring experience if all you're thinking about is what's for dinner later, and why you're not at the table yet.

Of course having a friend for company is excellent, having a friend with you is a LOT safer and motivates you a little more. But here are some other ideas to keep you going.

Challenge yourself. Carry with you a stopwatch to monitor your progress and try to better yourself every day. Attempt a further distance in your 20 minute session; attempt to stay jogging more and walking less, attempt upping your jogging speed.

Find, test and push the limits of what YOU really are capable of. You'll soon find yourself saying "COME ON" a whole lot more in your mental conversations with yourself. And things only get better from there on.

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