Sun, 11 Mar 2012 18:02:34 GMT | By Chris Aaron
Injured Lee Chong Wei loses to Lin Dan in 2012 All-England final

Lin Dan

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In a dramatic twist, Malaysian Lee Chong Wei was forced to forfeit his bid for the Yonex 2012 All-England title after succumbing to injury.

The World No.1 shuttler was set to take on World No.2 Lin Dan in yet another classic final encounter between the two before he was forced into calling it a day in the second set.

Beginning the match with obvious heavy-duty bandaging of his right shoulder, it was as quickly obvious that Chong Wei wasn't at his most comfortable. No such resemblance to his calm and confident stature at the last BWF Super Series finals when he took on Kenichi Tago at the Malaysian Open.

Lin Dan showed no mercy for the struggling Chong Wei, and took the first set with a 21-19 victory. However, it was clearly not one of Lin's easier victories as Chong Wei's sheer determination and clever play kept him close to his Chinese rival throughout the set.

After receiving medical treatment from doctors during the break, Chong Wei soldiered on into the second set. But after going down a couple of points to Lin Dan and having to call for more medical treatment, it soon became evident that Chong Wei couldn't go on anymore.

A quick chat with the officials, and it was over.

Chong Wei's pursuit of a third successive All-England title was over in a flash as China's Lin Dan walked away with victory.

Concerns now however turn to Chong Wei's fitness for the upcoming Olympics; a title that the Malaysian wants more than anything to win this year.

While the severity of his injuries haven't yet been revealed, rival Lin Dan seemed to think his counterpart would be alright in time for their potential future Olympic encounter.

Living today to fight tomorrow; could just work out perfectly for the Olympic-hungry Malaysian.

MSN Sports Malaysia would also like to acknowledge the tremendoussupport shown around the stadium last night for Chong Wei. Even amidsthis forfeiting the match, Malaysian fans were in full voice and chanting,"Chong Wei, Chong Wei" as the World No.1 sat on his bench; Nothing shortof incredible.

Mar 12, 2012 8:46AM
The interpreter has translated wrongly. What Lin Dan said during the brief on court interview was, he hoped that Chong Wei's injury will not affect him for the Olympics as he needs to represent Malaysia.  
Mar 12, 2012 9:38AM
So sad to see Chong Wei quit. Hopefully he'll get better soon!
Mar 12, 2012 2:16PM
You have done and showed your best performance Chong Wei although suffered from injury especially in first set against Lin Dan ! Good sportmanship ! Hope you'll speed recover soon ! Prepare for Thomas Cup and Olimpics game !
Mar 12, 2012 10:28PM
No matter what happens,I'm still gonna support Chong Wei.Will be praying for his speed recovery.Hope that he'll be in perfect condition for Olympics. :) 
Mar 12, 2012 7:31PM

its ok datuk lee, juz rest n recover in time for the olympic gold. surprise to see n heard that

lots of malaysians at the stadium, u guys r awesome....... MALAYSIA BOLEHHHHHHHHHHH

Mar 13, 2012 9:38AM

so sad to see Chong Wei being forced out by injury, otherwise it would have been a great match to watch.Chong Wei showed great sportsmanship, knowing very well that carrying an injury, he could not beat Lin Dan but he did not want to dissappoint his supporters either so he tried cautiously. He is also fully aware that he has a big task for the country at the Olympics as showed your calm and calculated move to achieve your target. 

You are truely a champion and always a champion

Mar 15, 2012 11:14AM
What Malaysian media/translator likes is always misinterpreting China players/Lin Dan's message... Lin Dan is actually quite a nice young lad but the Malaysian media always made him sound like a big rival to Chong Wei. Whenever Chong Wei looses, Lin Dan would always say, Chong Wei played well just that his stamina was better and lead him to victory. When Chong Wei wins, he would say Chong Wei is more focused today and played a better game compared to him etc... At the end of the day, to most Malaysians, if Chong Wei wins, he is the best and Lin Dan is useless. When Chong Wei looses, he did his best and Lin Dan won cause Chong Wei's stamina was not that good on that day or because he was luckier...
Why can't Malaysians accept the truth about the game?
Anyway, speedy recovery for Chong Wei this round.
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