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2011's Football Dream Team

KEEPER: Iker Casillas

KEEPER: Iker Casillas (© Getty Images)
  • KEEPER: Iker Casillas (© Getty Images)
  • LEFT BACK: Marcelo (© AP Photo)
  • RIGHT BACK: Dani Alves (© Getty Images)
  • CENTRE BACK: Thiago Silva (© AP Photo)
  • CENTRE BACK: Gerard Pique (© Getty Images)
  • DEFENSIVE MIDFIELDER: Michael Essien (© AP Photo)
  • CENTRAL MIDFIELDER: Xavi Hernandez (© Getty Images)
  • CENTRAL MIDFIELDER: Andres Iniesta (© Getty Images)
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'Saint Iker', as Spain and Real Madrid fans call him, is a wonder behind the post. He is such a commanding goalkeeper that he's earned the right to be the only keeper on FIFA's list of nominees.


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