Mark Hughes (AP file photo)

Mark Hughes (AP file photo)

Greeting sports fans!

Isn’t it a great time to be a football fan? With the football season barely a month old, this exact time in the football calendar is definitely the one where all football fans, no matter the emblem on their chest, are as optimistic as Christian Columbus was in finding America (Although he thought he was going to find India there).

As the European transfer window slams shut at midnight on the 2nd of September 2009 (Malaysian time), many fans trolled the internet for any final minute cheer. The appeal of a shock move in the dying seconds of the transfer window adds to the romanticism of the “crazy” season.

With the amount of transfer deals concluded during these last few hours, it’s a wonder how the F.A.’s registration office manage to handle the barrage of paperwork coming through. Sure, these people at the F.A. are sometimes a little annoying, but during these critical times, the F.A. certainly is on their game.

The summer transfer window has seen plenty a footballer switch teams in and around Europe. But undoubtedly the most active team in the transfer window has to be Real Madrid.

With their president Florentino Perez at the helm, and Real Madrid having more money than the whole of Spain, they went out of their way to buy the best in world football. Sounds familiar?

But this year, Real had a quite able running mate in the form of the ambitious Mark Hughes and his Manchester City team. Looking to for once challenge Manchester United as the best team in Manchester, Mark Hughes has assembled and paid some of the best up and coming footballers.

World financial recession? Think again.

MSN Sports Malaysia has compiled the 20 top football transfers this summer, and named it the Final football roundup. Just click the link and enjoy!

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